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My journal can get quite personal at times. So because of this, it is friends only. If you would like to be my friend, please introduce yourself in a comment. I will most likely add anyone back who does. ♥

20, Girl, caring, shy,
photoshop, open-minded,
in committed relationship with a beautiful girl ♥

If you are looking for Cami (old cadley user) she has moved to asthma :)
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take me as I am

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The love of my life. The one I want to spend forever with. She is everything.

It all started nearly three years ago. I can still remember the day we ‘met’ like it was yesterday... I was new to the internet scene and was going through a rough time. She had made a thirteen forum and I had posted in it. We started talking and I mentioned that I was pregnant, but it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. She messaged me asking if I wanted to talk or if I had msn. When we started talking on msn I barely knew her, yet I felt so close to her. I ended up telling her everything.(none of it good) Somehow, I didn’t scare her away, she cared. We talked almost every day after that and I knew I had fallen for her. She was the thing I looked forward to, just to say good morning to her. I ended up crushing on her horribly but being afraid of losing our friendship if I told her. By some miracle, crazy f-ing miracle, she ended up feeling the same way about me. :’)

I will eventually move to Austria to be with her. I will leave everything here behind, for her. Because I love her, because I have never felt this way about someone ever before. From the first time we actually talked, I felt connected to her. (as corny as I sound, its true) She is the reason I wake up in the morning. She is the only reason why I am here, not dead. There is no way I would have made it through losing lil Remy without her.

Cami… you are my everything.
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Fanfic, how to take care of a tamagotchi

Title: How to feed a tamagotchi
Author: cadley
Characters: Wilson and House/friendship
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~600
Summary: Wilson takes care of a tamagotchi.
Author's Notes: The idea of Wilson and a tamagotchi popped into my mind- had to write a oneshot about it ;)
Spoilers for season 7, this takes place after 7x08 "Small Sacrifices".

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